La Quinta Inn & Suites Denver - Bold Scheme Renovation


GARRISON | NAMVAR | Government was proud to partner with La Quinta Inn & Suites by providing renovation services to their existing hotel assets. GARRISON | NAMVAR understands the construction needs of both owners, general managers, and guests. The team brings deep experience in developing and operating hotels. The company's management brings experience in rolling out nationwide hotel branding campaigns to developing some of the regions finest resort style properties.


Remington - Nasa Hilton Renovation


GARRISON | NAMVAR | Hospitality was proud to assist Nasa Hilton in renovations when Hurricane Ike struck Galveston Bay in September 2008.  Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc on area buildings. The Houston NASA Hilton, especially known for its water-side vistas, experienced significant wind and water damage. The lower level windows, tile, and fencing were ruined due to the storm.


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